Eden Girls’ Leadership Academy, Birmingham aims to deliver all round excellence.  The school will be driven by the belief in setting the highest standards in every aspect of school life to help its pupils attain educational excellence, career success and determination to contribute to the greater good in the local, national and global community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to nurture today’s young people and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a culture of educational excellence, from within a caring and secure Islamic environment enriched with the values of discipline, mutual care and respect, which extends beyond the school into the wider community.

Our Offer to Parents

We make a pledge to all pupils and parents. We pledge:

  • High expectations
  • A high-powered, knowledge-based academic curriculum
  • Carefully focused traditional teaching, rigorous tracking and personalised intervention
  • Highly qualified staff that are motivated, well trained and use cutting edge research
  • A rich and diverse leadership programme that grows character and inspires charitable and social action

Our curriculum emphasises the importance of intellectual study and focuses on traditional learning. We believe that this will best equip our pupils for the pathways that lead to university, the professions and success in whatever career they eventually choose. We are determined that our pupils will compete on equal terms with pupils coming from the most privileged circumstances. We provide them with an academic, but rounded, education that gives them the best possible chance to succeed.

There are five key strands to the overall curriculum:

1. Academic excellence
2. Character development
3. Service to communities
4. Underpinning faith ethos and STAR values
5. Overarching leadership specialism

There is an unashamedly academically focused subject driven knowledge rich curriculum for the vast majority of pupils (e.g. 90% EBacc takeup). This model is based on the driving principle of the highest ambition and expectations of pupils regardless of background that will lead to transforming their life chances.

Our leadership specialism provides our pupils with a variety of enjoyable and engaging learning experiences. Programmes in sports, creative arts and social enterprise build character and provide opportunities for making a difference in the local community. These programmes are supplemented by enrichment opportunities – Leadership Academies – aimed at developing key leadership skills and specific interests and talents. All of our Leadership initiatives promote our Star values of service, teamwork, ambition and respect and equip our pupils with the skills and confidence to take on more responsibilities as they get older.


Eden Girls’ Leadership Academy, Birmingham is an academy with an inclusive Islamic faith ethos. We are proud of our faith, its values and its emphasis on a shared view of humanity – one family and one world for which we all share responsibility. We take a progressive, outward-facing, inclusive and globally-orientated interpretation of the Islamic faith.
Everything we do is designed to enable all our students to live their lives according to the values of self-discipline, compassion, mutual respect for all people regardless of difference and respect for the earth itself. These fundamental values underpin the Islamic faith and our British way of life.

The academy aims to celebrate all that faith has to give and instil a sense of joy at being part of the local and wider community. We have an inclusive approach to faith, welcoming people of all faiths and none and recognising that we are all part of, and contributing to, something far greater than ourselves.

We place great emphasis on character development – promoting values such as respect, care, tolerance, self-discipline and love for each other. We promote an ethical lifestyle, enabling our learners to feel empowered to fulfil their responsibilities to themselves, their families, wider humanity and the environment around them. Regardless of their religious beliefs, we want to prepare all our students to become high achieving, fully engaged citizens in multi-cultural 21st century Britain. For our Muslim students, we want to help them to explore how they can apply faith values in their everyday lives as committed and tolerant members of British society. We want them to become model British citizens, inspired by faith to uphold fundamental British values, reject extremism in any form and to prosper as part of British society. We want them to make a genuine and determined contribution and, by their actions, to demonstrate the best of what the Muslim faith can contribute to British life and culture.

We are not associated with – or subscribe to the views of – any faith organisation or movement.

Star Academies

Eden Girls’ Leadership Academy, Birmingham is part of Star Academies.

Star Academies is a mixed Multi-Academy Trust that runs a diverse network of primary and secondary schools. We are a values-based organisation, committed to enhancing social mobility. All our efforts are geared towards raising the aspirations of children and young people in areas of social and economic deprivation to improve their life chances and help them succeed at the highest levels of education, employment and the professions.

Star Academies is one of the country’s leading education providers, and our schools promote excellence in everything they do. In every school, the entire staff team – working in partnership with parents and the local community – is committed to nurturing today’s young people and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

Our schools work together as Star Partnerships in five cluster areas – Lancashire, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, the Midlands and London. Schools within the Partnerships collaborate to share expertise and maximise opportunities and experiences for our pupils.

Star Academies employs the very best staff and invests heavily in their continuing professional development. Staff benefit from an extensive range of nationally accredited training provided by Star Institute.