The Art Department at Eden Girls’ gives pupils the opportunity to demonstrate imagination and creative flair whilst learning the skills needed to effectively use different media. Drawing is often the foundation of many artistic explorations, so it is expected pupils will develop and refine their observational skills through this area of study, using different methods and approaches.

Pupils are encouraged to combine observations, ideas and feelings, enabling the successful completion of aesthetically interesting final pieces. Pupils are expected to study the work of other artists and show how these studies have impacted on their own practice. They must also be able to annotate and evaluate their work using subject specific vocabulary showing understanding of their own artistic journey.

Curriculum Overview
Year 7 Year 8
  • Mix media: colours, black and white, textures, surfaces, digital, photography, raw, print making, lino printing
  • Colour theory: primary, secondary, understanding application, tone, contrast, theme
  • Artist study: Hundertwasser, Jon Burgerman, Rosalind Monk, Vincent Van Gogh
  • Print making
  • Textiles: basic needle handling, stitching techniques, selecting fabrics
  • Sketching: application, tone, techniques, lines
  • Lino print: colour, inks, textures
  • Oil pastels design work
  • Observational drawing: lines, tones, pictures, techniques
  • Illustration: drawing, colour, digital, hand design
  • Colour theory: primary, secondary, understanding application, tone, contrast, theme
  • Drawing: lines, tones, pictures, techniques
  • Sketching: application, tone, techniques, lines
  • Print making
  • Textiles: design pattern, sew, stitch creative design, embellish using beads/sequins/cotton/ buttons
  • Painting
  • 3D design: packaging/branding Andy Warhol soup cans
  • Mix media: colours, black & white, textures, surfaces, digital, photography, raw, print making, lino printing
2019/20 KS4 Option Choice: AQA GCSE in Fine Art
Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

Component 1: A portfolio that includes a sustained project evidencing the journey from initial engagement to the realisation of intentions and a selection of further work undertaken during the student’s course of study.

Students are required to work in one or more area(s) of fine art, such as those listed below:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Installation
  • Lens-/light-based media
  • Photography and the moving image
  • Printmaking
  • Mixed media
  • Land art


Component 2: Externally set assignment – students respond to their chosen starting point from an externally set assignment paper.
2019/20 KS4 Option Choice: Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Art and Design
Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

Students will complete the following core units:

  • Introduction to Specialist Pathways in Art and Design 
  • Creative Project in Art and Design 

Students will then complete an additional two optional units from the following list: 

  • Communicating Ideas in 2D
  • Communicating Ideas in 3D
  • Developing an Art and Design Portfolio
  • Investigating Contextual References in Art and Design 
This qualification will not be offered to the 2019/20 Year 11 cohort.

Internal assessments take place every half-term.

KS4 Exam Board Specification:

Enrichment Offer

The Department offers subject-specific enrichment clubs and organises a range of educational visits throughout the year. Pupils are able to take part in school-wide competitions, as well as representing the Academy in local and national competitions designed to increase their engagement and enhance their subject knowledge. Intervention sessions to consolidate prior learning and ensure maximum progress are at the heart of our delivery model.