Social Enterprise &


Our project-based Citizenship curriculum teaches young people critical life-long skills such as collaboration, resourcefulness and accountability. Pupils take on increasingly responsible leadership roles that culminate in Leadership and Social Enterprise Projects in which they identify a community concern, and then plan, execute and evaluate a project to address it. Through these projects, our pupils:
  • Successfully manage challenging projects, from articulating a vision to project realisation
  • Anticipate and manage risks through strategic communication
  • Understand the role of advocacy
  • Manage stressful situations and negotiate with confidence
  • Build networks across multiple communities and stakeholders
  • Create and manage budgets that align to strategy
  • Lead and manage people
  • See change through a new lens
School Food Bank

Our Food Bank makes a real difference to the people in our community who are struggling to make ends meet, providing access to vital nutrition. Our pupils play a crucial role in managing our Food Bank, helping with organisation, advertising, stock checks, distribution, customer care and paperwork. Those pupils who are not directly involved in running the Food Bank contribute through fundraising initiatives and all pupils learn about food poverty in the UK and the ways in which we can all help.

Young Entrepreneurs

Our Young Entrepreneurs initiative empowers pupils to develop their business and entrepreneurial skills. Pupils learn about what it takes to succeed in the business world, the importance of managing their finances responsibly, and the skills that employers are looking for. Pupils are given the opportunity to work together to develop and implement their own small business plan, making a variety of strategic and operational decisions to ensure their company’s success.

The Young Entrepreneurs programme enhances pupils’ employability and makes the world of business more accessible and relevant to them. By developing their problem-solving skills, using their initiative, learning about budgets and financing, and working as part of a team, our pupils develop vital leadership characteristics that prepare them for the next stage of their education, employment or training.