WELCOME from the


Welcome to Eden Girls’ Leadership Academy, Birmingham, where everything we do is geared towards nurturing today’s young people and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

We believe, through setting high expectations and driving forward our mission of educational excellence, character development and service to communities, every one of our pupils can become a successful learner and make significant academic and personal progress.

We are delighted to start a new school, which will be an ideal opportunity for us to build on the success of Star Academies’ other schools. Our STAR values of service, teamwork, ambition and respect empower our pupils to become caring, responsible and compassionate citizens who make positive and lasting contributions to their community, and our leadership curriculum helps pupils to develop the core competencies required to become well-rounded and ethical leaders of tomorrow.

The size and the structure of the school allows each pupil to be treated as a unique individual. I am privileged to be supported by a highly capable and dedicated group of staff and governors. We carefully recruit staff who demonstrate a genuine passion for teaching and support our pupils to achieve academically and grow physically, socially and spiritually in a happy and secure learning environment. We work together to ensure our pupils discover their individual talents. Our pupils will have the opportunity to explore innovative solutions to complex problems and develop the knowledge and skills that will equip them for life in modern Britain and beyond. We pride ourselves on creating a strong sense of community and a safe learning environment within the Academy. We endeavour to nurture responsible, globally conscious citizens who develop their skills as lifelong learners with a strong sense of self-worth.

We have high aspirations for our school and for our learners and I look forward to working closely with parents and the local community to help realise our ambition for Eden Girls’ Leadership Academy to become one of the very best schools not only in Birmingham, but the country as a whole.

Famida Rawoot